Mission and Strategies

MSU Bikes Mission

MSU Bikes is dedicated to promoting bicycling as a healthy and environmentally sustainable transportation option for the MSU community.


MSU Bikes will make bicycling accessible to the MSU community by:

  • Selling new and used bicycles
  • Renting bicycles for both short and long term lease periods
  • Selling bicycle parts and accessories

MSU Bikes will support bicycling culture by:

  • Offering a full range of bicycle repair services
  • Providing bicycle storage
  • Advocating for improved cycling infrastructure and safety

MSU Bikes will educate the community by:

  • Leading bicycle repair and maintenance clinics
  • Emphasizing the environmental and community health benefits of bicycling

MSU Bikes will encourage bicycling by:

  • Hosting rides, events, and challenges
  • Creating incentive programs for regular riders

MSU Bikes
434 Farm Lane
Bessey Hall, Room B10
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-432-3400
Fax: 517-432-2743